Tricky Puzzle

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Use your wits to solve every puzzle


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Tricky Puzzle is an intelligence game where you're given puzzles you have to solve to find out your IQ. Just tap the different items to solve each riddle.

One of the most attention-grabbing things about Tricky Puzzle is that it's got a wide array of puzzles. This will keep you from getting bored solving puzzles that are too similar, as often happens in games like this. You've even got to make use of your phone's accelerometer to find the solution, which is interesting in that the controls don't depend exclusively on onscreen buttons.

The graphics are simple but all the levels have a unified aesthetic. Tricky Puzzle not only puts your wits to the test but also makes you show your capacity to interpret number sequences. You've even got to play with the directions of the space and thereby solve certain puzzles.

Tricky Puzzle is quite an interesting title with which you'll have a great time while trying to work out the meaning of each riddle. This make the game very dynamic and guaranteed to put your intelligence to the test as you try to discover if you've got a high IQ.